"Though Nicks has characterized her own techniques as spontaneous and idiosyncratic, this book approaches her process in a serious manner, pointing out the chord progressions, lyrics, and rhythms that comprise her message of independence and self-assurance. Here, Nicks is re-centered as an artistic presence in her own right, and her opulent attire, seductive mystique, and wide influences become proof of her lasting star quality.

"Written with respect and admiration, Mirror in the Sky analyzes Stevie Nicks’s music with care, noting how it expressed the sentiments of a generation."

Mari Carlson, Foreword Reviews

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Simon Morrison Receives Behrman Award for the Humanities

"A brilliant and supremely conscientious teacher, Simon is famous on campus for his beautifully crafted lectures and his extraordinary intellectual range, touching students in music, Slavic [languages and literatures], humanistic studies, and the Global Seminar.”

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Moscow: Notes from the Russian Underground

Morrison signed with Knopf on Moscow: Notes from the Russian Underground, a book about Moscow. It is expected to release in 2024.


Morrison is signed with Norton for a book on the Soviet composer and pianist, Dmitri Shostakovich.